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ZJQY Piano Music Dance Mat for Toddlers - Best Educational Music


ZJQY Piano Music Dance Mat for Toddlers - Best Educational Music


Product description

- Press tightly or step disfferent button, one side send out different kinds of sound or music, one side shining
- Adopting intelligent electronic chips, it will be to enter a state of energy saving automatically after idle 2 minutes
- Music Sound Reward Baby's Natural Kicking and Touching "br"- Children can go to touch, also can use feet to kick up"br""br""b"Helpful for: "br"1. Sightseeing: The fresh color of the music carpet can simulate the development of the children's seeing.
2. Logics: Through the music and sound sent out by the piano mat, equip the children's logic. "br"3. Hearing: The sweet music can simulate the children's hearing.
4. Sports skills: Through the lap and feet-step inspire the children's crawling and equip the children's sport ability.

Made of plastic + non-woven fabric material, toxic free and safe.
Smooth surface of piano mat will not harm the baby's soft skin."br""br""b"Foldable Piano "br"Foldable piano pads, easy to carry, you can take it wherever you go. "br"Item size:38.2*14.2 inches "br"Package Size:15.4*2*11 inches "br"Powered By: 3*AA Batteries(Not Included)"br""br""b"Idea Gift "br"Great gifts for boys and girls. "br"This piano toy can be great birthday gifts and Christmas gifts for kids."br""br"Order now!

ZJQY Piano Music Dance Mat for Toddlers - Best Educational Music

Covid-19 in Malaysia
Total confirmed cases
Updated on Sep 27, 2021 8:40 AM 8:40 am
Total active cases
Updated on Sep 27, 2021 8:40 AM 8:40 am
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Sarawak to be first to give booster shots

Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin says Sarawak will be the first to begin the booster dose programme as it was the first to complete the vaccination programme.
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Schools in Phase 4 states must be ready to reopen, says Radzi

The education minister says it is especially important for schools to ensure a good ventilation system is in place.
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Not just for fun: Behind the tourist surge to Langkawi

Psychologists say many have been under pressure since the start of the pandemic and need a way to release their stress.
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From sprinting to gold to without a licence on the road for ex-para athlete

Mohd Raduan Emeari finds it difficult to move around as he does not possess a driving licence.
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Interval for AZ jabs cut again from 9 to 6 weeks

Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin says this is to facilitate the vaccination of those who have received a first dose.

Pendedahan: Sentuhan Khalid dalam membantu usaha pemaju dapatkan tanah di KL

Bekas menteri Wilayah Persekutuan menyokong permohonan pemaju swasta untuk mengubah keputusan pembatalan pemberimilikan sebuah plot tanah di ibu negara sekurang-kurangnya dua kali.

Sarawak mula beri dos penggalak Oktober depan, kata Khairy

Sarawak menjadi negeri pertama memulakan program pemberian dos penggalak vaksin itu kerana ia merupakan negeri terawal menyelesaikan program vaksinasi.

Singapura catat kes harian Covid-19 tertinggi hampir 2,000

Negara itu melaporkan 1,939 kes baru pada Ahad berbanding 1,443 sehari sebelumnya.

Kementerian luar lantik penasihat khas mengenai Afghanistan

Ini diharapkan dapat membantu Wisma Putra memperoleh lebih maklumat mengenai Afghanistan.

Kes baru Covid-19 menurun ke paras 13,000

Sarawak mencatat kes harian tertinggi sebanyak 2,943 hari ini disusuli Selangor yang mencatat 1,558 kes jangkitan.


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Winning hearts and minds one Orang Asli village at a time

Mobile vaccination teams head out to Orang Asli villages in the interior to tell them of the importance of getting jabbed against the Covid-19 virus.

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Vocal MP shares about his life journey, from being a reluctant politician to some of his most memorable times as he decides to retire from politics altogether, in this fourth episode of Talk, Now.

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Roads begin to fill with traffic and pedestrians once more as the area regains some of the hustle and bustle lost during the first phase of the National Recovery Plan.


Genuine activists vs ‘native informants’ in Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan has ended, but the conflict on who represents the people of that war-torn country remains unresolved.

Public health must always be prioritised but life has to go on

We must move forward in the direction that utilises scientific data to ensure the best balance between living the life we are used to and living the life we are forced to.

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Tools that go beyond vaccination and specialised treatment for those at higher risk of getting severely ill are some of the considerations.

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Even if the government's appeal is purely academic, it would affect the development of the country's legal system.