Sports Gear Ireland


Product(s) is accepted within 14 days, including all its original packaging and condition.

We of course have never had to refund any customers up to now & we would like to keep that going.

We are a company who care and appreciate your business, so we always treat you with a smile and most importantly, we always listen to your need’s.

However, from time to time, something can go a little wrong like a delivery being a day or two late, or maybe part of your order being out of stock, but we will always communicate and explain this to you initially, so you have a good understanding of how we will operate with you from start to finish.


Crossland’s Business park,
Lower Ballymount road, Ballymount
Dublin 12
Phone: (01) 549 5254


Office opening hours:
Monday to Friday 8 – 6 pm (01 549 5254)

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